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Dacia presented the 10 years anniversary special editions in Geneva

The Dacia stand in Geneva hosted all the 10 years special editions, and the focus was the top range of the Romanian brand – the Duster.


This year, the entrance to the Dacia stand was guarded by a white Duster equipped with winter accessories, suggesting the appetite of the host country for the winter sports.


With a suggestive and simple name, Dacia presents in Geneva a special editions that celebrates a decade from the reinvention of the brand, a decade that brought the Romanian car manufacturer international fame. Even if the Dacia range is one of the youngest, Dacia presented in Geneva another special editions for its most important   models.


Logan, Lodgy, Logan MCV, Sandero and Dokker for passengers and the Duster were wearing the new Cosmos Blue color and dark rims  with different designs. Being the most important model for Dacia, the Duster was presented on a red stage, on which you could read in many languages the motto of this year: 10 years.


In conclusion, Dacia marked properly the presence at Geneva Motor Show, although it did not enjoyed the success from previous years when has launched new models.



Source: Automarket.ro

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Dacia prepares special editions for all models for the Geneva Motor Show

Logan, Sandero, Duster, Lodgy, Dokker and Logan MCV will receive a special new color, new multimedia capabilities, a color touch screen and steering wheel controls. The new Dacia special editions celebrates the 10th anniversary since the entry of the Dacia models on the European markets.


On the occasion of the 10th anniversary from the launch of the Dacia models on the Western markets, the Romanian brand has prepared a surprise for the fans at the Geneva Motor Show, which opens its doors and in early March. Seeing the success of the Logan 10 year anniversary edition, dedicated exclusively to the Romanian markets, Dacia has prepared special editions of all models in the range, except the Dokker Van utility vehicle. From Sandero, Lodgy and Duster to Dokker, Logan and Logan MCV, all special edition models will be found at the Dacia stand at the Geneva Motor Show.


The Dacia anniversary editions that will be on the podium at Geneva will have some interesting improvements in aesthetics and technology. If the engines and transmissions offered remain the same, each of the six models will receive top equipment, which is based on the top version Laureate, and items that were never found on the Dacia models.


The first novelty is a new paint color, called Cosmos Blue and is the color used by Dacia on all official websites and on the official communication. The Cosmos Blue color will be also found in some intelligent matching inserts on the inside. The exterior will also receive tinted Dark Metal rims and mirror cases.


The most interesting novelty, is the launch of the new version of Media Nav multimedia system. Officially called Media Nav Evolution the new Dacia multimedia system is now color and includes traffic information and safety alerts (accidents, roadworks, etc.) using Bluetooth connection with a mobile phone.


The biggest news is that the Dacia will provide direct connectivity with the smartphone. With the AHA application that can be downloaded from Google Play Store (Android) and Apple Store (iOS), the passengers of the car will have access to the central visual display on Facebook, Twitter or to POIs when the GPS navigation system is in operation. Furthermore, the anniversary Dacia models will have a button located on the steering wheel that can be used by the driver to "talk" with Siri the voice assistant developed by Apple for their phones.


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Dacia registered record sales in 2014

Dacia managed to register the biggest sales in 2014 in the 43 markets worldwide, with important sales in France, Germany and Spain.


Dacia managed to sell 511,465 units in 2014, the best year so far for the Romanian car manufacturer. The best selling model is Sandero (including the Stepway version) with 169,021 units of which 80% were sold in Western Europe. The second best selling model is Duster with 160,318 units with important sales in France, Spain and Romania, while the third best selling model is Logan with 98,849 units mostly sold in Eastern Europe.

“2014 will enter in the Dacia history as the first year when we sold over 500,000 units, a year when we were the most dynamic producers in Europe. Dacia enters an exclusive group of car manufacturers that sell 500,000 cars per year. It is an important source of pride because we have a sell increase with 19% compared to 2013, ” said Jan Ptacek, Dacia sales manager.

Best selling models for Dacia in 2014:

Nr. Model Units sold
1 Sandero (incl. Stepway) 169,021
2 Duster 160,318
3 Logan (incl. MCV) 98,849
4 Dokker (incl. Van) 56,214
5 Lodgy 27,063

The most important markets for Dacia in 2014

Nr. Country Units sold
1 France 105,893
2 Germany 50,704
3 Spain 45,986
4 Italy 39,964
5 Algeria 39,741
6 Turkey 34,469
7 Morocco 33,734
8 Romania 29,625
9 United Kingdom 23,862
10 Belgium 18,000

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Dacia had impressive sales in UK in 2014

The Romanian car manufacturer, Dacia, had a very good year in terms of sales in the United Kingdom in 2014.


In the second year from the launch of its models in the UK, Dacia registered impressive figures in sales. Specifically, Dacia sold in 2014 a total of 23,862 cars, with 39,2% more than in 2013. Of these, the model with the highest demand is Sandero with 14,806 units sold in the UK. It was expected, since Sandero was in 2012, at the time of its launch, the cheapest car in the UK.


Good sales figures had also the SUV Duster, who was appreciated for the off-road skills and the  towing caravans capacity by the customer and the English press. Theoretically, 2015 should be a better year for the Duster who received recently a facelift, similar to the models sold in the continental Europe. Another novelty is the moving of the production of the right hand drive model from India to Romania in hopping to remove some minor rust problems.

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Israel – the 44 market for Dacia models

Dacia announced today the launch of its models on the Israeli market. The Romanian car manufacturer opened a showroom in Tel Aviv and prepares two new openings in 2015.


Dacia continued the positive trend in 2014 with an upward trend in sales on the global market. The new year promises to be as good as 2014, considering that Dacia has announced another official debut on an important international market.

The new market is Israel, the Middle East country will become the 44 market for the Romanian brand cars. The first Israeli showroom was inaugurated today in Tel Aviv with the aid of the local dealer, Carasso Motors, already specialized in selling Renault Models.

The dealer will provide sales and service and plans to open two new showrooms by the end of 2015. Dacia will sell in Israel four of the best selling models worldwide:  Duster, Sandero, Lodgy and Dokker, all delivered with a warranty of 100,000 kilometers or three years. 

“Renault is a brand on the rise on the Israeli car market, that managed to achieve a share of 4,2% in 2014. The launching of the Dacia brand will complete with new models the existing Renault offer” said Itzik Weitz, the President Carasso Motors.

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5 million cars produced by Dacia in Romania

Dacia celebrates the production of five million cars at the Romanian factory in Pitesti. The Romanian car manufacturer reached the previous milestone of four million cars three years ago.


Dacia marked a new milestone of production at the Pitesti factory, celebrating the production of 5,000,000 vehicles. The last milestone was reached by Dacia in March 2011, when the 4,000,000 car left the Mioveni factory. In both cases, it is a Duster model, and both copies were bought by Romanian customers. The daily production of the Duster model represents more than 50% of the total production, according to the Romanian car manufacturer officials.

The first million vehicles produced by Dacia was celebrated in 1985 and the anniversary model was a Dacia 1310. The second milestone came a year before becoming a Renault brand, the 2,000,000 car was a Dacia 1307 with double cab. Under the French leadership, the third million cars produced by Dacia came nine years later, the anniversary model was a Dacia Logan MCV. In a year the Dacia Pitesti factory can produce 350,000 units and last year, 93% of the production of the factory went to export.

In 2013, Dacia had the highest sales growth in Europe, 21.1% in the first 11 months of the year, surpassing more important brands, despite the fact that Dacia has a market share of just 2.4 % in Europe. This situation could be repeated in 2014, if we look at the evolution of Dacia sales in Europe in the first four months of 2014. The Pitesti manufacturer had in March the highest percentage sales increase in the European market, according to a ACEA analysts. According to ACEA, Dacia sales increased by 53.5% in March and with 42.7% in the first quarter, compared with 2013 results.

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Renault Logan second generation launched in Russia

The second generation of Logan has received the Renault logo for the Russian market, and the first photos have been released to the public.


The second generation of the Logan will soon make its debut on the Russian market under the Renault logo. Although the new generation has more than a year since the launch in Europe, some markets are harder to reach. For example, in Russia, Renault still sells the facelift version of Logan, but soon this model will be replaced by the new generation.

The first images were already presented to the public and, unlike the Dacia version, the  Logan for the Russian market has some chrome elements and of course Renault logo on the front grille. The interior is also almost identical to the Dacia version, but there are changes to the shape of the central air holes plus a series of chromed ornaments.


The Renault representatives din not communicated the engines that will power the Logan for the Russian market. The commercial debut of the Renault Logan second generation will take place in the second quarter of this year. In Russia, Renault is selling the following models: Duster, Sandero, Sandero Stepway, Megane, Fluence, Latitude, Koleos, Megane and Kangoo, and is one of the major players in the automotive market in this country.

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Dacia had the biggest sales increase in Europe in 2013

Dacia managed to sell in Europe in 2013 with almost 25% more than in the previous year, a growth that makes the Romanian car manufacturer the performer of the year in Europe.


If the journalists and customers impressions in a year with several launches were good, Dacia sales results in Europe in 2013 confirm the excellent form of the Pitesti manufacturer. Thus, Dacia was able to register the highest growth among all existing brands in the European market an it is one of the hottest brands of the year.

In a market decreasing by 1.7% compared to 2012 (11.85 million cars sold in Europe in 2013), the Dacia sales rose by 23.3%, the Romanian car manufacturer managed to reach a volume of 289,000 cars sold (compared to 234,400 cars sold in 2012). The launches of the new generation of Logan, Sandero and Duster facelift had a very important role in this result, the European customers focusing on the quality/price ratio offered by the Renault Group brand.
Of the nearly 300,000 cars sold in Europe, 17,500 were sold in Romania, Dacia managed to grow by 7.7% on the national market, while the Romanians bought 13.3% fewer cars in 2013 compared to 2012. In total, the sales of new cars in Romania reached 57,700 units, the lowest level in the last 15 years.

Even more notable is the market share of Dacia (2.4%), one of each 42 cars sold in Europe had the Romanian brand logo. The Dacia position in the Renault Group has also been seriously strengthened in 2013: while the Renault sales fell 1.1% in Europe, the excellent evolution of the Romanian manufacturer resulted in a 4.4% sales increase of the Renault Group in Europe.


2013 sales

2012 sales

2013 market share

Growth 2012/2013

1 Dacia 289,016 234,430 2.4% 23.3%
2 Mazda 133,464 114,910 1.1% 16.1%
3 Jaguar 26,520 23,186 0.2% 14.4%
4 Seat 279,460 251,064 2.4% 11.3%
5 Land Rover 105,181 86,847 0.9% 8.6%
6 Mercedes Benz 594,876 565,161 5.0% 5.3%
7 Mitsubishi 71,135 68,212 0.6% 4.3%
8 Skoda 483,086 463,746 4.1% 4.2%
9 Toyota 487,014 485,297 4.1% 0.4%
10 Kia 329,285 327,998 2.8% 0.4%
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Dacia Logan Coupe concept design

A Hungarian designer presented a concept design of a Dacia Logan coupe. Based on the pictures of this concept design, a car magazine in the UK has initiated a survey and the result is that the Logan coupe would be a “hot car”.


X-Tomi Design presents on his blog a Dacia Coupe model, inspired by the new Logan facelift, but smaller and shorter, with custom bumpers.
The Britains from CarThrottle took these pictures and asked the readers: Is the concept Dacia Coupe Hot or Not? On this question, 241 readers, or 86% of all voters by this time, answered "hot".


We like Dacia Sandero: it’s a decent car for those who otherwise could not afford the "luxury" of having a new car. But what happens when the Romanian car manufacturer will launch a coupe or a sport model? "ask the British journalists.


They Car Throttle journalists appreciate that the Dacia Coupe model, presented bt X-Tomi Design, based on Logan, looks great, has sport bumpers and wheel arches that house larger wheels.
"A simple coupe that looks good or a cheaper model that strives too much to look sport? You Decide!" concludes the British.

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Dacia sales in the first year in the UK

The Dacia cars registrations in the UK market last year reached a volume of 17,146 cars and a market share of 0.76%, according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) which positioned the Romanian car manufacturer on the 23rd place among the best selling brands in the United Kingdom.

The main rival of Dacia in the UK, the American car manufacturer Chevrolet recorded sales of nearly 11,700 registered cars.


In total, in UK were registered last year 2.26 million new cars, an increase of 11% compared to the previous year, the highest volume in the last five years.
At European level, the UK  market went straight on the 5th place among the largest markets for Dacia, being at a similar volume to the Romanian market.
Of the four Dacia models sold in the UK, only the Duster is imported from India, while the Logan, the Logan MCV and the Sandero models are produced in Romania, with a right-hand drive.

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