Auto Bild: Dacia will launch a new model

Dacia prepares the launch of a small class model with four-seats, called Dacia City, with a price of 5.000 euros, according to the German magazine Auto Bild.

"We are thinking at a model of 3.5 to 3.6 meters long" said Vincent Carre, the global marketing director of Dacia in the Renault Group.

Dacia-Mini will have four seats and four doors, and will take elements from Logan and the second generation of Renault Clio. The reduced price of the new model is due to the design and the use of components from other models.

"Dacia is not just a brand, is a philosophy. The objective is to obtain low costs at each stage of the production"said Carrie.

Dacia City will be powered by an 1.2 liters engine from the Renault Twingo.

Dacia City

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