Dacia has produced 4 million cars

Dacia celebrated this week the production of the 4 million car at the Mioveni factory. The event took place after 43 years after the production started in the Romanian factory, while the pace of assembling cars increased proportionally with the Romanian brand image.
Thus, if the first million cars was produced in 17 years (reached in 1985), Dacia workers took 13 years to produce the second million (1998), nine years for the third million (2007) and only three and a half years for the manufacture of the fourth million cars.
The 4 million unit that came out of the gates of the Pitesti factory is a 4×4 Duster Preference, in brown-caju  color – that is specific for the Romanian SUV. The anniversary Duster model was bought by a Romanian customer.

Dacia 4 million cars

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