Dacia Logan electric launched in the US

The Americans from Envision Motor Company have managed to launch an electric model of the Logan in the United States. The Iowa-based company produces 100% electric cars based on the Dacia Logan. The three models are Electric Wagon (Logan MCV), Electric Cargo Van (Logan Van) and Electric truck (Logan Pick-up).

All the models have a range of 321 kilometers and a maximum speed of 120 km/h, 3 year or 58,000 km warranty, and the Sodium Nickel Chloride battery has a 112,000 km warranty.
The Electric Wagon (Logan MCV) costs 37,300 $, is available in nine colors, has ABS and airbags for the driver and the front passenger as standard. 
The Electric Cargo Van (Logan Van) costs 32,300 $ and is available in six colors and the Electric truck (Logan Pick-up) costs 33,300 dollars and is available in five colors.
All the vehicles sold by EMC are approved in the United States and Europe.

Dacia Logan-electric


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