Dacia Picnic second edition held in France

The second edition of the Dacia Picnic will take place in France this weekend. Unlike the meeting in Sartre in 2009, this year picnic will be organized in two places: Mosseaux and Cublize. Some participants will travel over 300 kilometers just to attend this meeting.

Dacia first picnic was held on September 27, 2009. At that time, the participants had the opportunity to learn to paint, take driving lessons and learn more about their cars. At that time, about 4,000 people attended the Dacia Grand Picnic. The Dacia Picnic at Sarthe in 2009 marked a novel group picture, in which the participants formed the "J’aime ma Dacia (I love my Dacia) with their cars.

Dacia Picnic

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