Dacia prepares new models

Dacia will launch in the next two years an MPV (multi-purpose vehicle), an Sedan and an SUV. The Romanian car manufacturer will produce 3 new models along with the 5 that are already on the market.  If the SUV is expected to be launched in the fall of this year or the spring of 2010, in Frankfurt or Geneva, the next two models will be launched until 2011.

The Dacia MPV will be a compact model that will have the same size as Kia Soul, and the Dacia Sedan will be bigger than Dacia Logan and will enter in the market segment represented by Passat, Insignia, Accord or Mondeo.

The new models will retain the classic features of Dacia and will have a good quality-price ratio. Speaking of price, the future generations of Logan and Sandero will benefit of a discount pricing of several hundred euros due to the reduction of the production costs.


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