Dacia sold over 100.000 cars in France in 2010

Dacia has managed an excellent year in France: the Romanian car manufacturer managed to sell over 100,000 units in the last 12 months in Hexagon. Obviously, it is a premiere for Dacia, a brand that until two years ago didn’t have success on the major markets of Europe.

The sales volume made the Dacia brand to reach a market share of 4.6%. The increase over the previous year was by 70.9%, the 104,642 cars sold in France by the Pitesti car manufacturer during the January-December 2010 representing a result much higher than in 2009 when only 61,217 cars were sold in France.

It is very interesting that the number of cars sold by Dacia in France exceeds the number of all cars sold in Romania in 2010. Thus, while Dacia has sold 100,000 cars only in France, in Romania were registered 100,000 cars in 2010.

Dacia Duster sales

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