The Dacia cars will be available in new colors

Dacia will receive five new colors since 2012, according to the Renault marketing director, Stephen Norman. According to the French officials, the five shades will be more vivid to attract the Western European customers and beyond. The colors will not be the same for all the markets because the consumers have different preferences regarding the color of a car, said the Renault officials.

The new colors of the Dacia range will be available around the Paris Motor Show, so the fans will have to wait until late September 2012 to see new Dacia shades. The Renault officials said, the designers and the marketing specialists will take into account "all the missing colors in the range", with several interesting options for every market.

"The introduction of new colors is a very important step, since the preferences in this matter differ from one country to another. For example, if in Germany the yellow cars are very popular, in Spain is very hard to sell this color," said Norman.

Now, Dacia offers cold colors of the spectrum or non-colors. There are however two interesting shades of red – "Rouge de Feu" and "Rouge Passion", and the Logan range includes a non-metallic shade of yellow "Jaune Turnesol".

Dacia colors

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