Third place for Dacia in the top customer satisfaction in France

Dacia manages to make history in France, where only Honda and Mini customers are more satisfied with the models they purchased. According to a survey realized during the last six months by Auto Plus, 32.000 customers of the brands sold in France  decided that Dacia has third place in the top customer satisfaction after Honda and Mini.

The ranking was determined on the basis of the degree of satisfaction of customer expectations, and other criteria like: manufacturing quality, reliability, problems encountered and the time of immobilization of the car in case of repair. Another important criteria to consider in the French study was that the customer has expressed regret or not that bought the car or if he will buy a new car from the same brand in the future.

In the ranking resulted from the survey leads Honda (92.5% customer satisfaction), followed by Mini (87.5% customer satisfaction) and Dacia (86.1% customer satisfaction). After the Romanian car manufacturer were ranked Audi (85.1% customer satisfaction), Skoda (84.5% customer satisfaction) and BMW (the Bavarian brand fell from second to fifth position from 2009 to 2010). The top 10 brands that have satisfied the French continues with Mazda (81.7% customer satisfaction), Mercedes (74.1% customer satisfaction), Toyota (70.9% customer satisfaction) and Ford (70.3% customer satisfaction).

In the models top customer satisfaction, Sandero has succeeded to be ranked sixth overall, with 87.6% degree of satisfaction of customers. In front of Sandero are: Toyota Prius (1 place, 96.2% customer satisfaction), Honda CRV (second place, 92.7% customer satisfaction), Honda Jazz (third place, 92.3% customer satisfaction), Honda Civic (fourth place, 90.6% customer satisfaction) and BMW 1 Series (88.2% customer satisfaction). The Logan model that helped Dacia to have a real success in France, ranked 18th  (with 82.2% customer satisfaction) in front of other models like Skoda Octavia (ranked 23), BMW X3 (ranked 24) Citroen C5 (26th place), Toyota Avensis (ranked 33), Volkswagen Passat (37th place) and Ford Mondeo (place 42).

Dacia brand

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