Dacia Dokker Pick-Up made in France

After the Logan Pick-Up stopped being produced by the Romanian car manufacturer, Dacia comes with an interesting solution for the retailers who need such a model in their fleet. Thus, the French office of Dacia collaborated with a French body builder, Kolle, to develop a pick-up version based on the Dokker chassis. Kolle built two … Read more

Dacia presented the Dokker Stepway in Istanbul

Dacia presented in Istanbul, last month, the Dokker Stepway, a new version of the current model. In addition to the two existing versions, cargo and passenger, the Dokker Stepway version is meant to be a derivative that includes just about everything you could want on a Dacia model. To be worthy of the Stepway name, … Read more

Dacia Dokker and Dokker Van – the new Dacia models

Dacia announced today that the following two new models that will be launched by the Romanian car manufacturer will be named Dokker. One of them – called simply Dokker – will be a versatile model with sliding doors and five seats, built on the concept of Renault Kangoo. The second will be a cargo version … Read more

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