Dacia Logan MCV becomes Lada R90

The Russians from Avtovaz have presented at the Moscow Motor Show a Lada version of Dacia Logan MCV. The model is still called "Project R90" and is the first car to be built at the factory in Togliatti on the B0 platform, the one that the Romanian model is built. Clearly, this model is only … Read more

The Logan successor will be launched in 2012

Dacia will replace the current Logan with a new model that has the code name X52. The X52 project  is in progress and will benefit from more efficient engines with lower carbon emissions and lower fuel consumption. The future engines will be made on the same architecture as K7 with 1.4 and 1.6 liters. Most … Read more

AvtoVaz will produce a new model based on Dacia Logan

Renault is trying to make profitable the Russian giant AvtoVaz and comes with a saving plan, which is is based on the Romanian model from Dacia, the  Logan. The Euro-Asian  car manufacturer aims to develop a completely new range of models based on the current Logan platform, that will debut on the market in a … Read more

Dacia has produced 300.000 units of Logan MCV

The Dacia factory in Mioveni celebrates the production of 300.000 units of Logan MCV. The model celebrates 4 years from its official launch and proved to be extremely popular on the Western European markets. The MCV is the second member of the Logan family and was launched in October 2006, immediately after the official presentation … Read more

Dacia tied with BMW in the German drivers satisfaction top

Dacia brand was ranked second in a survey of satisfaction made by JD Power and the German magazine Auto Test on vehicle owners in Germany. Dacia was ranked second in this top along BMW with 836 from 1000 points. Dacia and BMW were surpassed by Mercedes with 838  points in the study that measured the … Read more

Dacia Logan with the Nissan logo made in Russia

Renault will start to expand their influence in Russia, after they bought 25% of the famous Russian car manufacturer Lada the automotive symbol of the former Soviet republics. The French manufacturer will try to reorganize the Togliatti factory, where wore assembled the Fiat models and since 2001 the General Motors cars. The importance of the … Read more

Logan Tourer – special edition for the Indian market

Mahindra & Renault presented at the Auto Motor Show in New Delhi the Logan Tourer that has several minor interior design improvements to the series model. The improvements are implemented to the old Logan version, adapted to the Indian market with the wheel on the right, and not to the European model that received a … Read more

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