CNN – Dacia the Romanian success story

The CNN reporters visited the Dacia factory and the Constanta port, where they followed the manufacturing and the export of the Dacia cars, emphasizing that Dacia is the biggest Romanian exporter.

In the first visit of a CNN crew at the Dacia factory, where they shoot a video report about the good things happening in Romania, Dacia being the most successful exporter and one of the most profitable employers. Every day, three trains leave the Dacia plant in Pitesti with more than 300 vehicles, all for export by sea via the Constanta port.

The Dacia success story began drawing more interest from abroad. The Renault subsidiary is admired by the automotive rivals, not only because it managed to launch a low-cost range at the beginning of the financial crisis but also because Dacia provided competitive models from several points of view, not only the price, as seen in recent years.

Here is the CNN Dacia video:

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