Record sales for Dacia in 2017

Dacia sales registered a new record in 2017. The Romanian car manufacturer managed to sell 655,235 units worldwide with more than 12% than in 2016. The most important market for Dacia is France.

Dacia sales 2017

Dacia had an excellent year in 2017 when it comes to sells. The number of units sold by the Mioveni manufacturer increased to 655,235, more than 12% compared to the same period last year. 460,000 of the cars sold by Dacia in 2017 were registered in Europe, which remains the most important region for Dacia.

France remains the most important market for Dacia with 119,356 cars sold in 2017 compared to the 112,000 units sold in 2016. In France, Dacia is the fifth most important car manufacturer when it comes to sells, with the Duster and Sandero the most popular models. If in 2016 Dacia sold 51,000 units in Germany, in 2017 the sales increased to 64,918 cars. The third most important market for Dacia is Italy with 63,374 cars sold in 2017.

In Romania, Dacia sold 43,262 units, with 11,3% more than in 2016. The Logan is the most popular Dacia model in Romania with 16,200 units sold in 2017. Sandero is second with 8,400 unis and the Duster is third with 8300 units sold in 2017.

Country Units Sold
France 119,356
Germany 64,918
Italy 63,374
Spain 56,301
Turkey 48,370
Morocco 46,848
Algeria 30,776
United Kingdom 25,211
Poland 23,944
Belgium 20,000

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