Dacia Logan Coupe concept design

A Hungarian designer presented a concept design of a Dacia Logan coupe. Based on the pictures of this concept design, a car magazine in the UK has initiated a survey and the result is that the Logan coupe would be a “hot car”.


X-Tomi Design presents on his blog a Dacia Coupe model, inspired by the new Logan facelift, but smaller and shorter, with custom bumpers.
The Britains from CarThrottle took these pictures and asked the readers: Is the concept Dacia Coupe Hot or Not? On this question, 241 readers, or 86% of all voters by this time, answered "hot".


We like Dacia Sandero: it’s a decent car for those who otherwise could not afford the "luxury" of having a new car. But what happens when the Romanian car manufacturer will launch a coupe or a sport model? "ask the British journalists.


They Car Throttle journalists appreciate that the Dacia Coupe model, presented bt X-Tomi Design, based on Logan, looks great, has sport bumpers and wheel arches that house larger wheels.
"A simple coupe that looks good or a cheaper model that strives too much to look sport? You Decide!" concludes the British.


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