Dacia starts the production of Euro5 engines

The Romanian car manufacturer, Dacia, will assembly, starting this year, engines that will have Euro5 pollution standard and will power the existing Logan range and other models from Renault, Nissan and Renault Samsung.

Until now, the Dacia Euro5 engines were imported from Renault factories. Dacia produces in the Mioveni factory three Euro4 engines: the 1.4 liter and the 1.6 liter on gasoline and the 1.9 liter diesel. The new engines will be produced in the new production line that was assembled in the Mioveni factory.

Las year, in the Dacia factory were manufactured 273.559 engines of 1.4 liter and 1.6 liter on gasoline and 1.9 liter diesel. Dacia sold 311.282 vehicles last year, more with 20% than in 2008.

Dacia Euro5

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